ROLAND SH-1000 #2 For Sale 
Vintage Analog Synthesizer w Preset Sounds!

- Funky Vintage Lead & Performance Keyboard
- Serviced and Fully Functional




This hard to find vintage analog synth is in excellent condition. This is one funky old analog synthesizer! †It's one of the earliest synths in the SH series of synths and is one of our favorite vintage synths for synth solos and live performance. †Forget about†a MiniMoog for live use, most are too complicated for most people to operate well enough on the fly. †This SH1000†sounds somewhat similar and is great for newbies as well as experienced tweakers. †Dont have the time or the knowledge to dial up all your sounds from scratch? †Have no fear - this extremely cool synth was ahead of its time - it†has preset sounds! †A series of flip tabs under the keys select these sounds or, use the other tabs together with the knobs and faders on the control panel on the left hand side to dive into the world of analog synthesis and create your own new sounds. †This is a very versatile little synth and makes a great synth for live use since it's so user friendly and portable. †The 1000 sounds great too. †Its oscillator section lets you combine different waveforms of multiple octaves to make nice fat sounds, more complex than any single oscillator synth out there. †Its filter is also really smooth and sweet, like other old Rolands. 


Our items are as described, which means no typical surprise post-sale repair bills or serious flaws typical of most vintage gear deals! 

This is a rare opportunity to buy an SH-1000 that shouldn't require post sale servicing. 
This SH-1000 is in nice shape for a used item of its type and age.  It's been tested, serviced and retested by professionals who know better (uh, that would be us).   It has a few minor cosmetic imperfections but overall looks good and is in excellent working order.  1 knob is not original.  There's a screw missing from the back but everything is held together just fine.  There are a few scratches, but nothing atypical or hudeous.  There are some "age spots" as well here and there (mainly on the black panel around the colorful flip switches and a few spots on the wood above the keyboard) but nothing major. On the back of the unit next to the Roland synth logo, a service center proudly attached their cute little sticker. When it was carefully removed, it pulled off a few small spots of paint.  So now we know who not to call when we want our gear fixed.  :(   Anyway, these small spots and a couple others were quickly touched up with marker and look ok.  See the pics.  This unit should make most people looking for a used SH-1000 happy.

Donít let our overly critical descriptions discourage you, check out the photos above!




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