ARP 2600 w/ all new faders

ARP 2600 w/ all new faders

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ARP 2600 For Sale. We meticulously refurbished this 2600 in an attempt to future proof it and to make it better than others you may find. This included the following work:

Replaced all faders and slider caps with brand new ones, so all faders work great, with no crackle at all (our cost for these parts was nearly $500)
Rebuilt power supply in an attempt to greatly extend its life.
Replaced synth section handle with similar one. 
Replaced tantalum caps as a preventative measure to greatly extend this units life.
Replaced reverb tank rubber bushings.
Replaced rubber bushings in keyboard.
Cleaned keyboard J-wires and bus bars.
Resoldered feet of all modules.
Replaced Cinch Jones connector.
Replaced 3 4027-1 and 1 4015 submodules with our tech's exact replicas so future repairs will be possible (the originals are sealed and cannot be opened for servicing).
Corrected mistakes made at the factory (a couple connections were never soldered!)
The tolex was a bit chewed up along the edges, so we used a black marker to color the wood where it was showing. Replacing the tolex is possible but we're unfortunately not set up to do that here, so we will leave that decision up to the buyer. 
Lengthy burn in test, systematically tested multiple times and working perfectly.
...and more.

This work required a total of 30 hours of skilled labor.

The synth section comes with a lid, though it appears to have come from a later 2600 as the tolex does not match. The keyboard section comes without a lid. Sale includes power cord and new Cinch Jones keyboard connector cable.

This unit has been sold but please search our website for ARP 2600 to see other units we may have for sale - we always have them in stock.