ARP 2600 sn2601020x

ARP 2600 sn2601020x

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ARP 2600 sn2601020x For Sale. This unit came to us in relatively good shape, but, as perfectionists, we wanted it to be the best it could possibly be for its next owner, so we disassembled it, cleaned it inside and out, and fully electronically refurbished so that it would be better than the rest. This included preventative stuff to hopefully make it last longer than other 2600s on the market. We paid our tech for approximately 20 hours of skilled labor to do this. It's unlikely you'll find a better 2600 out there.  

If you look at the photos, you'll notice that only the filter module is enclosed, making the other circuits in this particular 2600 easy to service. Earlier 2600 modules are usually sealed, requiring replacement of the entire module if components inside those modules fail. Either way, we can fix any ARP 2600 as our tech has remanufactured these modules for our restorations. 

We also do ARP 2600 repairs, so if you bought one elsewhere and don't mind paying the high cost of a meticulous restoration, we may be willing to restore it for you.