ARP 2600P w/ Ron Rivera Mods

ARP 2600P w/ Ron Rivera Mods

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Vintage ARP 2600P Synthesizer with Ron Rivera Mods For Sale. Meticulously refurbished and future-proofed by perfectionists with many decades of experience perfecting vintage synths, our 2600s are the best in the world. This one is no exception. It's got an incredible sounding oscillator sync mod by Ron Rivera of RMS as well as other RMS modifications.

We paid our tech for over 35 hours of skilled labor to make this synth as good as it can possibly be. This work is of course factored into the price of this spectacular instrument.

Here's a video of this unit playing a patch using the oscillator sync you won't find on any stock 2600. 

Looking for another 2600? We've got others available, as well as the new reissue (which doesn't sound like a vintage ARP to us).

Photos show unit for sale, sn2690x. Email for full set of 45 photos and full details.