ARP Avatar in Original Box

ARP Avatar in Original Box

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ARP Avatar for sale. This ARP Avatar has been completely overhauled by some of the most critical professionals around and is in perfect working order. Not only that, it comes with the original box, pickup and original manuals. In addition to a full servicing, we installed a full set of new faders crackle-free performance. Also, unlike most Avatars we have seen, the guitar interface in this one works exactly as it should. You won't find a better Avatar out there and this, combined with the time love and money we invested into its full cleaning and electronic restoration contributes to its justifiably high price. Photos show the unit being sold.

The ARP Odyssey / Avatar was big competition for the Minimoog - it's a much more flexible synth so you can get a lot more interesting sounds out of it thanks to the built in oscillator sync, ring modulator, LFO controlled envelope generators, sample and hold, etc. From crazy electronic sound effects, beeps and blips, to fat basses and leads, this synth sounds incredible and blows away every other vintage analog synth in its price range! Great for techno, ambient, industrial, trance, rock or other kinds of music. Its extensive modulation capabilities allow you to create sounds not possible with most other synths. The ARP Avatar is a repackaged ARP Odyssey synthesizer which was marketed as a "guitar synthesizer" in the late 70s so guitarists could play synth sounds. Fortunately, it also has CV, gate and trigger inputs. These inputs allow anyone with a MIDI instrument / computer and a MIDI to CV convertor OR an old keyboard or analog sequencer with proper CV and gate outputs to control this synth. If you dont have a MIDI to CV box, they are readily available and pretty cheap too. *Many old vintage analog synths (as well as some of the newer analog synths / sequencers) are fully compatible. Email us if you are wondering whether your synth will work with it. Or, you could use this Avatar as a stand alone synth - with intial gain all the way up, it can drone indefinitely as you tweak knobs or you can use its LFO to trigger its envelope generators. This synthesizer IS 99% identical to the later black and orange ARP Odyssey.

Estimated preparation time: 1-2 weeks