Why Buy From Us?

Buying vintage gear these days can be very risky.  Most of the items we deal in are decades old and some were made nearly half a century ago!  That's a long time for a complicated piece of electronics made to last only a few years. Most similar items on today's market are sold by unknowledgeable amateurs or unscrupulous dealers just looking to make a fast buck and have undisclosed and often serious problems that can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to fix, IF you can find an honest and qualified tech. We here at Tone Tweakers Inc. are professional gear connoisseurs.  This is our full-time business and we take it VERY seriously. We are perfectionists.  Our team has decades of experience buying, selling, testing and repairing vintage gear and performs meticulous electronic restorations to the vast majority of high end items we sell.  This usually means full disassembly, cleaning inside and out, repair of every little problem no matter how minor, and preventative stuff too.  OUR gear is as described, which means no surprises and expensive repairs many vintage gear buyers have come to expect. Unlike most sellers, we try to help you, our customer, select the piece that's right for you instead of selling you something you don't need.  We pack items properly so they don't get damaged like other seller's fragile items often do, and provide post-sale operational support. When you buy from us, you are dealing with friendly professional specialists with many years of experience and a rock solid reputation.  You will probably pay more when you buy from us, but you get what you pay for. We are proud to have many happy repeat customers and hope you'll be one too.  

About Our Pricing

For years, we avoided posting prices online because we know people tend to take them out of context and wished to discourage copycat pricing.  This has required way too much time and effort and inconvenienced everyone.  The fact of the matter is that properly restoring vintage electronics to like-new functionality is often a very time consuming and costly process when done to our extremely high standards.  We are far more experienced than most other sellers, put way more attention, time, love and money into the preparation and sale of our products, and perform a much higher level of servicing than the vast majority of sellers and technicians out there.  Our prices therefore represent what we feel is top market value for such items serviced and sold by professionals with the highest of standards.  Please do not use our prices as a price guide to determine the worth of others of their type as it is unlikely they have been slaved over like ours have.  

Please use the form here for all inquiries regarding items in our inventory.