The Synth Sanctuary Electronic Music Studio in New York City

In today’s world of clinical sounding virtual soft synths with fiddly user interfaces and inferior hardware knockoffs with zero mojo, the inspiring presence, incomparable warmth, tangibility and imperfect sound of real vintage hardware music machines is sadly missing from many recording studios.

The Synth Sanctuary is a world-class collection of the most coveted, professionally serviced and fully functional rare and classic analog synths, big vintage modular synthesizers, effects processors, MIDI sound modules and drum machines, all ready to record in a secret lair somewhere in New York City.

Although it’s a private recording studio, The Synth Sanctuary engineers are highly skilled synthesizer programmers and sound designers who may occasionally be available for assistance with select recording projects.  If you’re seriously interested in working with us, please use the contact page to send us a link to your music.

All electronic musical instruments at The Synth Sanctuary have been provided and maintained by Tone Tweakers Inc., dealers of high quality serviced vintage synths.  Visit them at www.tonetweakers.com.

Please use the contact form to email us, or email us directly at contact (at) thesynthsanctuary.com