Akai MPC3000

Akai MPC3000

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Akai MPC3000 For Sale. Fully expanded memory. This unit has a number of problems and is being sold strictly as is because we need to focus on our vintage synth restorations right now. Our tech (who is also quite skilled at MPC repair) has made a full list of problems he noticed when testing this unit. There's a possibility he overlooked something, but he did spend an hour going through it, so probably not. Here's his report:

OS version is 3.11. The display seems dark. Stereo volume pot is crackly and loose. Floppy drive needs to be replaced. Soft keys = bad connection. SCSI untested. 378.6ms sampling time = memory is maxed out (16m x 2 simm boards). Recording level pot is crackly. Some screws are missing, some are loose. Tact switches should be replaced. Left side plastic end piece is broken. Individual output jack is missing metal ring. Loose pad sensor PCB. Needs 2032 battery. 

If it doesn't sell soon, we will just let our tech fix it when he has time. The price will of course be much higher if we pay him to fix it.