ARP Instant Odyssey

ARP Instant Odyssey

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ARP Instant Odyssey Factory Patch Overlays For Sale. These hard to find vintage collectible patch panel overlays sit on top of your ARP Odyssey so you can quickly and easily dial up ARP factory patch settings for a number of sounds. ARP referred to this set of 16 patches as “Instant Odyssey”.

The sounds are as follows:

Country Guitar
Tune Noise
Classic Patch
Electric Bass
Cosmic Waterfall
Gusty Wind
Jazz Organ with Fuzz Wah
Clarinet Or Brass
Single Note Phase-Synchronized Oscillator

This listing is for all 16 patch overlays, nothing more and nothing less. There are some stains and small markings made by a previous owner, and one of the patch overlays is torn to the left of the pitch bend, but overall we feel condition is ok for an item of it’s type that must be around 40 years old. All ipatch info is intact and legible.

ARP Odyssey synthesizer not included, though we do have both vintage and new Odysseys - please use the search feature to find them.