ARP Little Brother

ARP Little Brother

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ARP Little Brother Model 2951 Synthesizer Expander for sale. A rare example in close to perfect collector quality condition. Fully refurbished and future-proofed by perfectionists (us). 


Hard to find expander for your ARP or other 1 volt per octave synthesizer. ARP2600 Oscillator & LFO.

The ARP Little Brother is a unique voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) and extra low frequency oscillator (LFO) in a box.  ARP marketed it as an add on to their Axxe, Odyssey, ARP 2600, Solus, String Ensemble and other synthesizers but it can also be used with any old Moog or other keyboard or synth with the proper 1 volt per octave CV connections.  This piece is great for really fattening up any of these synths.  The onboard oscillator has  4 different octave settings, and 4 unique waveforms which sound great!  The best part: all octaves and waveforms are available simultaneously, resulting in an extremely fat sound! Its in and out jacks allow it to be easily hooked up to any analog modular patchable synth. Definitely an interesting and useful piece.

Pitch Range: Bass 16', Tenor 8', Alto 4', Soprano 2'
Waveform: Brass, Hollow, Reed, Fuzz
LFO speed
Vibrato Depth
Vibrato Delay On/Off
Pitch Bend knob
Tuning pot
Power Switch
CV in and out
Gate in and out
Trigger in and out
Audio in and out
LFO CV output