ARP OMNI 2 Switch Mod PCB

ARP OMNI 2 Switch Mod PCB

$ 99.99

ARP OMNI 2 Switch Mod Printed Circuit Board w/ Switches & Parts For Sale

This new old stock circuit board appears to be for the ARP Omni 2 as the board says "ARP OMNI 2 SYNTHESIZER SWITCH MOD 4 1978 ( OMNI 78 ) ARP INST. INC."

The switches on this PCB correspond to those on the left side of the front control panel. This is one of several we purchased from a customer who attended the auction when ARP went out of business. Our tech quickly went through these units using test equipment (as we didn't have an Omni 2 handy) and says the two 4069 chips on some of these circuit boards need replacement (and that they cost under a dollar each).  We are selling these boards strictly as is since they may need work to function, but anyone who knows electronics should easily be able to fix any problems that may be present. As far as we know, they're not making these white and orange switches anymore, so if you need one or more of these switches or have an ARP Omni 2 and want to stock up on parts for the future, you'll probably want to buy this. Or, perhaps you're into DIY electronics and would like to add a piece of authentic ARP to whatever it is you're designing.