ARP Pro Soloist

ARP Pro Soloist

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This ARP Pro Soloist Model 2701 is a really cool monosynth.  It's ideal for LEAD SYNTH / solo applications.  Want a cool analog sound without needing a degree in physics? The Pro-Soloist is nice and simple - you can change your sounds with the touch of a button by selecting one of the many funky preset sounds! Some are supposed to be synthesizer sounds, some emulations of acoustic instruments. Fortunately, many of the emulations sound more like vintage synth sounds than the acoustic instruments they were designed to emulate. This is part of the charm of this instrument. The best and most unique feature, in my opinion, is the "touch sensitivity" = aftertouch. With it, you can control pitchbend, wow, growl, brilliance, volume and vibrato depth. There's also a repeat feature and portamento so you can slide between notes.


Meticulously overhauled & better than the rest!
Total restoration time: 23 hours
Lead time in weeks: 0-2
Photos here may show another unit.