ARP Synthesizer Tour Jacket Official 80s Vintage

ARP Synthesizer Tour Jacket Official 80s Vintage

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ARP Synthesizer Tour Jacket For Sale.

Here's a incredibly rare piece of ARP memorabilia that we've never seen offered for sale anywhere. We got this a while ago from someone who worked for ARP back in the day.

This item is unused, new old stock (!).

Apparently (see photo of ad - which is not included in this sale), ARP offered these for free to people who bought new ARP synthesizers between May 19 - August 30, 1980. Over 40 years later, we imagine most of them are long gone, and any surviving examples, if there are any, would be in poor condition. 

We realize our asking price may seem quite high for a jacket, but, as mentioned, as mentioned, this jacket is a rare piece of vintage synth memorabilia and is the only one of its kind we've ever seen in decades, and we've seen it all. Plus, there are some very serious collectors out there, and this is quite an interesting piece. If it doesn't sell soon, we may gradually lower the price, so if you're interested but don't want to pay our asking price, please let us know.