Casio CZ-101 MIDI Module Only

Casio CZ-101 MIDI Module Only

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Casio CZ-101 For Sale. We have others as well, so please search our site. This particular unit has a defective keyboard that we had our tech disconnect, but it works just fine as a sound module controlled via MIDI, which isn't all that bad since the tiny keys make it hard to play. For those of you who've always wanted to rackmount a CZ, this one would be a good candidate. 

Here's a post we made explaining what happened to this CZ101's keyboard:

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Someone sold us a Casio CZ-101. It had key contact issues, so she let a friend try to repair it. His repair attempt completely destroyed all hope of ever getting the keyboard fully functional again as he painted the wrong set of contacts with conductive paint! Removing this paint would remove the contacts below it. Even if he had painted where he should have, his technique was so bad he would've still messed it up. Back in the day, when a synth broke down, people who didn't know how to fix synths took it to a repair shop and crossed their fingers thay they wouldn't get screwed by an inept and/or dishonest tech. (There are still plenty of them out there!). Now, everyone thinks they're a synth tech, thanks to google+YouTube, so people often try to do their own fixes at home. To make matters worse, there are techs who sell DIY repair kits to these people, encouraging this! This Casio is just one of many vintage synths we've seen irreversibly damaged by people who had no idea what they were doing. This do it yourself world we live in is dangerous. CZs are cheaper and more abundant than most vintage synths, but this is still extremely upsetting. We ended up disconnecting the keyboard so this unit, otherwise fully functional, can be sold as a midi module. We considered racking it and putting it in our studio, but we already have a cz1, so there's no need. But that shouldn't stop you from racking it! ...Unless of course you have no clue how to do that, in which case YOU shouldn't be messing around with it either! Please, people, stop putting synths at risk. We occasionally take on full restoration work, in case anyone's got a high end vintage synth they want properly refurbished and future-proofed. We don't do half assed jobs here because we want the items we refurbish to be as good as they can be, just like most of the high end items we sell. #casio #cz101 #cz101rack #synthrepair #synth #synths #synthesizer #keyboards #repair #restoration #fixing #diy #diysynthrepair #conductivepaint #disaster #badtech #synthtech #broken #keycontacts #keycontactpaint #repairfail #vintagesynthtech #vintage #diyfail #diydestruction #arp #moog #oberheim #sequential #sequentialcircuits

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The photos here show the unit we're currently selling. Here's a video of a different 101 we're got on the market right now: