Casio CZ-3000

Casio CZ-3000

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Casio CZ-3000 For Sale. This fabulous 80s synth has full sized keys and a beautiful built-in chorus effect. Don't be fooled by the Casio name, this CZ3000 is a seriously powerful synthesizer that's well respected by synthesists. We've got a CZ in our studio and love it - you should too!  The factory preset sounds don't do it justice, so you'll want to make your own.

This unit has been fully tested and is working great, with one small exception. In the programmer section, all buttons work fine and select all patches without any trouble. However, the bottom row of LEDs sometimes do not light up as they should. Sometimes some of them are out, sometimes other LEDs will flicker. The problem is intermittent - as I'm typing this, it's been on for several hours and it's working fine. The proper patch name and number is, however, always indicated in the display. We asked our tech how long it would take to sort this out and he said it could take him at least a couple of hours, which means it could take 2 hours, it could take less, or it could take a lot longer. Since tech time is costly relative to the low resale value of this item, and since this is a minor issue that shouldn't effect most people's enjoyment of this synth, we decided to sell it the way it is. The metal bottom has a dent on the back right corner.

Here are a couple videos we took of this particular unit: 

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Casio CZ-3000 for sale now at tonetweakers.com, where you can also sign up for our newsletters ;);). Other CZ series synths available too. We love CZs because they're powerful yet affordable. The first pass is with the lovely chorus effect engaged, the second is without It. Programmed by Jay Wires of The Synth Sanctuary incredible electronic music studio in NYC. Thesynthsanctuary.com. #tonetweakers #vintagesynth #casio #cz3000 #cz101 #casiocz #vintage #synth #synthporn #synthesiser #synthesizer #sounds #beats #soundeffects #music #electronicmusic #studiolife #musicproduction #musicstudio #studio #recordingstudio #producerlife #moog #80smusic #gearporn #studiogear #nyc #synthdealer #synthmuseum #synthmusic

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