Casio VZ-1

Casio VZ-1

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Casio VZ-1 For Sale.

Programmable Digital Synthesizer
Complex FM type sounds

Don't be fooled by the name - this Casio is a very professional synthesizer, way more so than "the other" professional Casios - the CZ-101 and rest of the CZ series. These look like toys in comparison to this beauty. The VZ1 is based on the technology inside the Yamaha DX7 but offers more options. This MIDI synthesizer is 16 note polyphonic, with 8 part multitimbral capability. Sounds are made up of up to 8 modules (think FM operator). Pairs of modules make up "lines". You can either mix them, ring modulate them or phase distort them. (Phase distortion is a variation of FM synthesis used in the Yamaha DX, TG and FS1r series). You can also phase distort lines with previous lines. The envelopes (pitch and amplitude) are 8 stage, each with a rate and level. There are also vibrato and tremelo parameters and envelope bias can be controlled via MIDI controller data, allowing pseudo filter type harmonic sweeps. Few synths offer the sonic power of this one. You can layer or split / crossfade these sounds in the operation memory mode. This is a great synthesizer - you can make super fat and complicated sounds with it. Its preset sounds are nice but if you take the time to get to know it, it's capable of generating much better sounds. There's a large screen, an entry fader and many buttons so editing sounds is very easy. It's also a great controller. There are 3 wheels and it transmits aftertouch and velocity. Ideal for a wide variety of styles, like techno, R&B, synthpop, house, etc. I think its best for experimental electronic music - you can get some really deep sounds out of this thing. If you are into sound synthesis, there's nothing like this synth.