Casio VZ-10M

Casio VZ-10M

$ 499.00

Casio VZ-10M For Sale. Fully tested and working great.

Tested and working well and sounding great. The backlight in all of these will eventually die and need replacement. This one hasnt been replaced and still works - it's not dead but it's not super-bright. It’s better than most we’ve seen.

Dont be fooled by the Casio name - this is definitely a pro level synthesizer.  It's similar to the Yamaha DX7 but offers more options.  This MIDI synthesizer is 16 note polyphonic, with 8 part multitimbral capability.  Single sounds (normal mode) are made up of up to 8 modules (think FM operator).  Pairs of modules make up "lines".  You can either mix them, ring modulate them or phase distort them.  (Phase distortion is a variation of FM synthesis used in the Yamaha DX, TG and FS1r series).  You can also phase distort lines with other lines.  The envelopes (pitch and amplitude) are 8 stage, each with a rate and level.  In operation memory mode, you can create sounds with up to 4 patches on a single channel and set up layers and splits with lots of control over each of the layers.  This means that in Operation mode you can have up to 32 oscillators per note, and you can detune them.  The results can sound HUGE.  Its preset sounds are "ok". If you spend some time figuring out how to program it, you can make it sound much better.  There's a large screen, an entry fader and many buttons so editing sounds from the front panel is pretty easy.  Ideal for a wide variety of styles, like techno, R&B, synthpop, house, etc.  If you are into sound synthesis, there's nothing like this synth.