Doepfer PMS-12 Monster Case

Doepfer PMS-12 Monster Case

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Doepfer PMS-12 Monster Case For Sale. 

This item is brand new and comes in its original factory packaging. 
We open all the PMS12s we receive to check for damage. Once we saw that this unit arrived in fine shape, the box was resealed. While the photos here show one of the PMS12s we bought, it may not show the actual PMS12 being sold here. This unit looks almost identical, with the only difference being the typical minor physical imperfections normally present in ALL PMS12s. Nobody else mentions these imperfections, but we don’t want our customers to be surprised by the occasional scratches and scuffs found on all brand new examples of these cases. This unit includes the power cable Doepfer included with it, which is a European cord. If you need a US cord, please let us know and we’ll include one.  

The PMS12 is our favorite Eurorack enclosure with power supply. We use them here for our new euro modular gear.  It's heavy duty, holds and powers tons of Eurorack modules, and is an attractive, high quality case good for both studio use and live use.