Elka Synthex

Elka Synthex

Currently sold out. Please use the "add to wishlist" button below so we can notify you when we have another available.

Elka Synthex For Sale. This one's without MIDI, but we may be able to add MIDI for an extra fee if you need it (or search our site for others as we may have one with it).

*We are currently sold out, but we'd like to buy another - please email if youve got one for sale.

This unit was fully disassembled and cleaned inside and out and its electronics were meticulously refurbished, a process taking approximately 60 hours. This is considerably longer than our typical Synthex restoration, but we discovered a tricky problem with the pitch bend where oscillator 1 and 2 were detuned at only the top of the bender when the bender depth was set to maximum. We could have just advertised it like that but we pushed our tech to sort it out and he eventually did. It turns out this was due to an error they made at the factory that nobody who owned this Synthex before we bought it cared to fix, so we paid our tech a lot of money to fix the factory's sloppy job. Thanks Elka! >:[  

After all this hard work, the result is an instrument that's now working perfectly - better than it did when it was new - without all the operational flaws (big and small) that other sellers fail(ed) to disclose. Most Synthexes we have seen have had musty odors, and this one is no exception. There's some light surface rust on the inside of the chassis, but it does not effect the electronics, which are in great shape. This was not disclosed to us by the person we bought it from, nor was it disclosed to him by the person he bought it from, a defunct synth museum in Florida.

This unit runs off 220 volts. We used it here with our shop's step up transformer. Since we sell items internationally, we didn't buy an external transformer for it since we don't know what voltage the buyer will be running it off of, so if you're interested in buying this unit, you'll need the right power cable and power transformer if your wall voltage isn't 220 volts. If 220 volts, you'll need a standard 3 prong power cord that fits your electrical socket. They're inexpensive and easy to find.