EML Electrocomp-400 Sequencer Only

EML Electrocomp-400 Sequencer Only

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EML Electrocomp-400 Sequencer Only For Sale.

This one's been sold, but search our website for EML-400 to find another.

EML made these in different configurations. Some had a synthesizer built in and a double sequencer panel, others had no synthesizer and a single 16 step sequencer panel. This one's an example of the latter. To see the full version, search our website for EML-400. 

This unit was meticulously refurbished and is working great. All faders and switches have been cleaned and lubed. The power supply has been rebuilt (new electrolytic capacitors, power regulators, filter caps and solder reflowed). We replaced the panel mount male multipin connectors and made a new multipin connector cable, which will be included in this sale. The green cable in the photo isn't included - we just had that patched in to loop the sequence - any 1/4" cable will do. A few of the faders in the top section aren't quite zero at zero position. 


Here are a couple videos of this particular EML400 in action, controlling 2 different EML-101s (which we also have in stock):