Emu SP-12 Turbo

Emu SP-12 Turbo

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FOR SALE: E-mu SP-12 TURBO Sampling Percussion Drum Machine, fully pro-serviced and working perfectly. Little brother to the SP-1200. We buy sell and trade and repair SP1200 beatboxes too.

We bought this unit from its original owner. He replaced the front panel overlay with a new one, but the new one was slightly narrower than the original. After discussing this with the guy who made the new overlays, he came to the conclusion that this unit's original overlay was actually slightly wider than the typical SP12's, due to the fact that it was one of the earliest SP12s produced. The serial number on this unit has worn off over time, but the manual that comes with it does indeed look like a very early version. 

We paid our tech for the 10 hours of skilled labor required to fully refurbish this unit. The result is an SP12 that is working perfectly and that will hopefully outlast all others. 

This sale includes a hard case, original manual, disk drive, drive connector cable and floppy disks. We couldn't get a few of the floppy disks to work, which is typical of ancient floppies. We replaced the original backlight with a brand new one, so the display is nice and bright again. All pads were removed and cleaned, contacts cleaned, all faders removed, cleaned and lubed, all jacks cleaned. Battery replaced. Disk drive load function was tested and is working fine, but we were unable to test format and save functions as we don't have any blank floppies. This unit was thoroughly tested and is working great and sounding quite excellent!