Fender Chroma Polaris Hard Case

Fender Chroma Polaris Hard Case

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Fender Chroma Polaris Hard Case For Sale.

This is an old used case.  The foam is in pretty good shape for a case of its age and type. As you can see from the photos, the foam on the right side of the case appears to be compressed, though the Polaris we got in this case was removed just before the photos were shot, so there's a small chance the foam will expand eventually. We wouldn't count on it though. There's a little bit of extra space around the Polaris when inside the case, so we would recommend adding additional foam for a snug fit. 

We would consider this a hard carrying case and not a road case, so we would only recommend it for gentle transport and not shipping. Weight is around 17 lbs. 

This item will ship exactly as shown, with a label taped onto it and its latches taped shut. We may or may not also add fragile labels and directional arrows. It's possible it will get scuffed up a bit in transit.