Frostwave The Resonator

Frostwave The Resonator

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Frostwave The Resonator For Sale.

This unit's been tested and is working great. It comes in what we believe is its original box and is in superb condition - its possible it may never have been used.

We this unit it without a power supply. The front panel indicates it requires a 16v AC adapter, but the instruction sheet for the Frostwave resonator suggests it can accept a 15-18V AC (not DC!) adapter. We tested it with a 14v AC (Jameco product number 171408) after checking with our tech to make sure it was safe to use. It worked fine, though we recommend finding a 16v adapter since that's what the manufacturer recommended. We aren't going to source one because this item may sell in another country with a different voltage where a different type of adapter would be necessary. Our tech says it's a female connector with a 2.1mm inside diameter, and 500mA should be more than enough.