Future Retro Mobius

Future Retro Mobius

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Future Retro Mobius Sequencer For Sale.

-Pattern based cv gate / MIDI sequencer
-MIDI to DIN sync converter for Roland X0X boxes etc.
-MIDI to CV converter for 1v/oct and Hz/volt synths

The unit being offered is in mint condition and in its original box. It appears to have never been used! (other than us testing it with gloves on) The item we ship will either be the one shown in the pictures or an identical one in the same condition. 

From the user manual: 

The Mobius is a programmable digital sequencer for recording and playing back musical patterns and songs. All the information for a musical part can be recorded or changed while the sequencer is either running or stopped, and the sequencer automatically saves all changes made to patterns and songs. This allows users to create and manipulate patterns live in a very easy manner.

With the Mobius you can control both MIDI and CV/GATE type synthesizers and sound modules, but that’s not all. The Mobius also acts as an interface allowing most of today’s and yesterday’s instruments to be used together without the need for special converters. These additional features include the ability to convert MIDI messages to CV/GATE, DIN SYNC, and analog clock.

There are 16 song locations, and each song is broken down into 1 measure parts called patterns. Each pattern is then divided into 12 or 16 steps depending on it’s time signature. There are 256 programmable patterns in all that can be combined in any fashion to create a song, or be selected and manipulated in real-time. Each pattern contains the time signature, notes, pitches, accents, glides, and loop point. Once patterns have been created they can be arranged and transposed in any way for each of the 16 song locations. Each song is then capable of arranging up to 3580 measures or patterns.

Here's a video we shot of a Mobius controlling a Roland SH-2: