Hartmann Neuron

Hartmann Neuron

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Hartmann Neuron For Sale. This unit has been thoroughly tested and is in excellent  working order. It was taken great care of by its previous owner, who loved it dearly. In addition to going through it thoroughly and giving it a good external cleaning, we had our tech replace the battery with a new one so its next owner shouldn't have to do that anytime soon. 

The Neuron is a rare, complex and unique synth that sounds like nothing else. It's ideal for film scores, deep, evolving sounds and strange sound effects. Highly recommended for the synthesist who's into the unusual, this synth would probably appeal to those who like things like the Korg Wavestation, Waldorf Wave and Microwave series, Sequential Circuit Prophet VS, Ensoniq Fizmo and similar "oddball" synths.

Famous users include Peter Gabriel, Hans Zimmer, Michael Cretu and BT. There's also one at the The Synth Sanctuary Electronic Music Studio in NYC, where you can find one of just about every classic synth.