Hohner D6 Clavinet

Hohner D6 Clavinet

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Vintage Hohner D6 Clavinet for sale. Meticulously restored and ready to play!

We paid our tech for the 24 hours of work to clean this clav up and make it work like new again. No excuses - it plays perfectly and sounds amazing! New strings, new hammer tips, replaced pre-amp capacitors, copper tape and battery snap, properly adjusted and tuned. Note: may need to be adjusted / tuned again after shipping as clavinets can be sensitive to typical movement while in transit (which includes if you move it around after you get it), so you should familiarize yourself with how to adjust things inside clavinets, but you probably knew this already. 4 legs included. This clavinet is in great shape, has been pro-serviced by a tech with decades of experience properly restoring clavs, will be properly packed for shipment to arrive safely, and is better than the rest and priced accordingly. Will be tuned again just before shipping.


The Clavinet is essentially a guitar built for the keyboard player. When you play a key, the key pushes a hammer which hits a string. This is quite a unique instrument. Theres plenty of info about clavinets online so please do a web search if you need more info. Clavinets were used by many famous musicians since the mid 60s and can make some extremely funky, raw guitar-like sounds no other keyboard can make. This is a real beautiful instrument. Famous clav users include: Stevie Wonder, George Duke, KC and the Sunshine Band, Air, Keith Emerson, Supertramp, Abba, Herbie Hancock, Bob Marley, Heatwave, Jamiroquai, Led Zepplin, Moog Cookbook, Prince, Bernie Worell, P-Funk and MANY MORE. Many people used these in conjunction with a Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer Electric Piano for a raw rock keyboard setup.