Kawai K5000s

Kawai K5000s

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Kawai K5000s For Sale, with new floppy drive. Pro-serviced.

We paid our tech for the several hours of skilled labor required to properly service this unit so it will hopefully outlast others on the market. 

-All tact switches were replaced with new ones for perfect operation. These normally go bad over time, either not working, or requiring one to push hard.
-Floppy drive was replaced. These are often non-functional or unreliable at this point. 
-Backlight replaced. These are often burned out, making it impossible to use this synth in a dark room.
-Key contacts cleaned. Dirty contacts will cause problems with velocity response and triggering. 
-Battery replaced. All K5000s's are long overdue for a battery change. 
-Patches reloaded.

This unit works perfectly, with one small exception... After servicing, we noticed the bottom key and top key or two's aftertouch wasn't activating. All other keys aftertouch activates just fine. Our tech estimates a minimum of 2-3 more hours of work to look into this. Since this is a relatively low value item and the value of repair time is high, and since the aftertouch works fine throughout the rest of the keyboard, we've decided to sell it the way it is. If this issue is a dealbreaker for you, please email us to discuss.