Korg 01/W Pro

Korg 01/W Pro

Currently sold out. Please use the "add to wishlist" button below so we can notify you when we have another available.

Korg 01/W Pro For Sale. We paid our tech for the 6 hours of skilled labor required to refurbish this unit to make it better than others you may find. Work included replacement of all tact switches (under the buttons on the front panel), replacement of display backlight (these are usually dead by now, so you need a new one installed if you want to use this unit in the dark), and replacement of the internal battery, so you shouldn't have to worry about losing all your data anytime soon.

This unit came out after the popular M1 series and before the Triton series and sounds better to us than either of them. We like the sound of this synth so much that we have the rackmount version of it in our studio. We may also have the rack for sale now, please search our site for Korg 01R/W. Definitely recommended.