Korg 01R/W

Korg 01R/W

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Korg 01R/W For Sale. Rack mount version of the 01/wFD synthesizer, sample playback synth with interesting wave shaping feature, a great tool for the synthesist.

This unit was fully tested and plays well and sounds great. Although nearly all of the higher priced items we sell have been thoroughly serviced, this one has not. As a relatively low value item that we already paid too much money for, we cannot justify the cost of servicing it for the advertised price. That said, as usual with this and other older rack mount synths with backlit displays, its backlight is dead. If you'd like us to replace it for you, please contact us for a quote. 

As you can see from the photos, the slider knob, rack ears and plastic window that would normally cover the display area are missing and the power switch cap is upside down. We're not sure why it's like this and don't have a source for these parts, but this obviously does not effect its excellent sound. It also appears as though there are a few segments missing from the display. If you don't care about looks and just want a unit that works for a reduced price, this one should do the trick.