Korg PS-3200 w/ MIDI

Korg PS-3200 w/ MIDI

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Korg PS3200 with Kenton MIDI for sale.  Professionally cleaned, meticulously disassembled, serviced and painstakingly rebuilt and systematically tested over approximately 80 hours by an expert vintage synth specialist.

This model 3200 synth is a patchable vintage analog polysynth with programmable memory!  How crazy is that?! We love the EQ section as well as the octave CV ins.  

We invested an insane amount of time, love and money fully rebuilding this synth from the ground up so it's working as good as new.  Better than new, actually, since we added Kenton MIDI to it too!  Priced higher than others, cause we know this one's better than the rest. Please don't pay a lot for unserviced examples of these, or units that have had only a minor servicing as you'll probably need to invest a small fortune in their repair. 

Estimated preparation time: 2-4 weeks