Korg Sigma

Korg Sigma

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Korg Sigma for sale. 

This instrument is perhaps the most unusual Korg produced. It was released in 1979 or so, and looks like they had a futuristic theme in mind. It was marketed as a preset synth, but it's way more than that. The flip tabs are for either octaves (in the synth section) or preset sounds (in the instrument section). Each fliptab has a knob above it which controls a different parameter. You can select multiple tabs at the same time, often resulting in a much thicker sound. The "instrument" sounds are about as realistic as you could expect an analog synth from that time to sound (not!), but with a little tweaking of the parameters and layering, you can get some really interesting results. There are 2 joysticks, one for pitch modulation and the other for filter modulation (lowpass and highpass). The keyboard's also pressure sensitive and can be set to bend the pitch up, down or add vibrato. You can also set this synth to play quarter tones. We can't think of any other synth that made this a feature. All in all, this is quite an interesting and attractive synthesizer. We would keep it but we've got too many synths already!

Photos are not yet available, so the images here show a previously sold unit