Korg SQ10

Korg SQ10

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Korg SQ-10 Analog Sequencer For Sale. Meticulously overhauled and in perfect working order, unlike most. This was a very time consuming and costly process which is justifiably reflected in the high price.

This analog sequencer was designed to be used with the Korg MS-10, MS-20, MS-50 and VC-10 vocoder but can be used with just about any other analog synth with CV and gate inputs. 

start stop
voltage controlled clock generator (tempo)
sequence modes - stepped loop, automatic loop, 1 pass, stepped cascade, auto cascade, 1 pass cascade
channel A
1 volt or 5 volt range sw
12 knobs
channel B
1 volt or 5 volt range sw
12 knobs
channel C
12 knobs
adjustable portamento for rows A and B (time knob for each channel)
duty (width of pulse / gate)
channel a voltage out
channel b voltage out
channel c voltage out
multiple trigger out
reset trigger in - use a trigger to reset the step 1
individual trigger outs for each step of the sequencer - use this to define pattern length by patching into reset trig in or use different triggers to fire external envelope generators or step other sequencers. Lots of possibilities here.
External Control
step input to sync to outside world
start /stop in
Analog mixer - 2 ins, 1 out
clock speed control ins
linear in

Remember, you dont have to have an MS10 MS20 VC10 or MS50 to use this piece.