Korg Trident w/ MIDI

Korg Trident w/ MIDI

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Korg Trident w/ MIDI For Sale

Although the proper restoration of these vintage polyphonic analog synths is always time consuming, this particular example came to us with a bunch of problems a previous tech failed to address. As a result, this unit's restoration took longer than expected, requiring 57 hours of highly skilled vintage synth tech work, plus parts costs. Please don't take your vintage synths to someone who doesn't have extensive experience repairing them successfully. We see too many instruments not properly fixed or even made a lot worse by bad techs and it often makes restoration much more challenging.

After investing so much time and money into this instrument, it's now working absolutely flawlessly and is operationally probably the best Trident anywhere. It's a real pleasure to play. Due to this huge investment, we're only going to sell it if we can get what we consider a fair price for it, which should be considerably more than what your typical unserviced or minimally serviced instruments sell for, though there will no doubt be people who try to put our justifiably higher price on their way lesser examples, as usual. If it doesn't sell for our asking price, we will keep it and record with it in our studio as it sounds heavenly now that its been fully overhauled.

Sorry about the 2nd blurry picture - we didn't see this on our tiny camera screen until the instrument was packed away in storage.


Work done in addition to repairs:

Replaced power cable.
Rebuilt power supply - installed new capacitors, trimpots, resistor, diode.
Recapped and rewired power line.
Replaced many capacitors elsewhere.
Replaced tact switches.
Cleaned and lubricated potentiometers and rotary switches.
Removed and cleaned keys.
Cleaned key contacts. 
Cleaned jacks. 
Cleaned unit inside and out.
Replaced power transformer. 
Installed MIDI retrofit.

Here's this Korg Trident in action: