Linn Linndrum

Linn Linndrum

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Linn Linndrum LM-2 for sale. (If sold out, please search our site for Linndrum to see if we've got one with MIDI available. We may also be able to add midi to this unit at an additional cost).

Description is from the last one we sold:

This unit was in typical shape when we got it, but we like to fully refurbish classic machines like this so they're better than the inferior junk most other sellers sell. This unit's electronics have been meticulously overhauled and future-proofed. This is time consuming and expensive skilled work that took more than 25 hours to complete, but this work's resulted in a Linndrum that works perfectly and should hopefully outlast all others.

The Linn Drum LM2 drum machine is probably the most famous of the digital drum machines from the 1980s.  Its tight, punchy sounds, ease of use and solid quantization made it most 80s musicians 1st choice.  Its shuffle feature had a very human quality to it which was unmatched at the time and still highly regarded today!  Features a mixer - volume and panning controls for each drum sound, tuning for some and decay adjustment for the hihats (very useful!).  This thing really sounds great.  If youre into retro drum machines and dont have one of these, you should really consider it.  If you want to reproduce the sounds of the 80s, this is the machine for you!  We love this machine and wouldnt part with it if we didnt have another one.  :)  This machines sounds are stored on EPROM chips.  If you grow tired of the internal sounds (we could never get tired of them!) you can replace the internal sounds with other sounds on EPROM chips. Weve seen these available from time to time or you could always burn your own if you have an EPROM burner.

Here's a video of one of our Linndrums on the workbench with a couple of its sounds modulated by an external signal: