Mellotron M400 S

Mellotron M400 S

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Mellotron M400 S for sale. 

This unit is in typical condition for a used, unserviced unit of its type and age. In other words, it definitely needs a good servicing. 

Our tech was going to service it, but we decided to sell it as is for two reasons:

1. We have lots of vintage synths that need to take priority and
2. We felt that whoever buys this unit may want to restore its cosmetics as well (and that's something we can't do here), and that they may also want different options / upgrades installed than those we would have chosen. So we're leaving that up to the buyer to do with an outside technician. However, if you'd like us to do the electronic/mechanical work (not cosmetic), please contact us to discuss options and cost. 


Our tech performed a brief assessment of its current condition, which is as follows and may or may not be complete. Most of these are things one would address during a normal Mellotron restoration:

-There’s a high pitched noise on the output, possibly from the motor section.
-The capacitors should be replaced, as always.
-The motor circuit may not be stable - there’s a popular upgrade for this that should be done.
-The tapes should be replaced, as always.
-Must clean pots, as always.
-Must adjust ABC switch (it’s not as smooth as it should be)
-There are some bad connections, as always.
-There’s normally an aluminum plate with a couple guide holes in it that sits on top of the tapes. This piece appears to be missing from this unit. It would be a simple matter to replace it with another piece of aluminum, plastic, or similar.
-Someone changed the power cable to a 2 prong cable along the way. It should be replaced with a standard 3 prong.
-Tape #22 was broken. It was reinstalled so it’s shorter than the other tapes.

It’s possible something was left out unintentionally.

This unit comes with its “leather straightjacket” cover / carrying case.

Wooden dolly not included.

This unit is available for pickup in the NYC area or will be professionally crated by an external trusted crater and can be shipped anywhere in the world. The cost of crating and shipping an item of this size is considerable.