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Modular World Eurorack Powered Case

Modular World Eurorack Powered Case

$ 449.00

Modular World Eurorack Powered Case For Sale. We believe this case is 6u 84hp. We bought two of them directly from the manufacturer quite a few years ago when there weren't so many Eurorack module or case options and used it occasionally with Doepfer modules, which it has always worked well with. The reason we bought this type and not two of the Doepfer A-100P6 was because of the blank panel space. We had originally planned to add multiples, attenuators, manual switches, joysticks, etc. to this blank panel to make our Eurorack system much more powerful, but we never got around to it.

This listing is for one of 2 units we have. The photos show one of the ones that's available, but both are in the same condition. Both units have power switches with lamps in them and both of the lamps are always on when the unit is plugged in, regardless of whether the switch is set to on or off. They have always been this way.

We recently became a Doepfer dealer and decided to replace our smaller Eurorack cases with massive Doepfer Monster cases (also available on our website, search for Doepfer to find it), so we don't need this case anymore and will probably sell our other unit once this one sells.