Moog Model 1125

Moog Model 1125

Please contact us to discuss pricing.

Moog Model 1125 for sale. Sample-hold controller for Minimoog, Sonic 6, Moog Modular, etc. Pro-serviced, throughly tested and in full working order.

This hard to find accessory adds a random and staircase waveform pattern generator / sample and hold feature to your Minimoog or other compatible Moog synthesizer.  Despite its limited functions, it's a very useful tool.  Trigger it manually or set it to automatically play your Moog. These units don't have their own built in power supply as they were designed to hook up to the powered accessory jacks on certain Moog synths.

This unit's been sold but we have another we may be able to refurbish and sell - please email us if you're serious about buying one.