Moog Rogue

Moog Rogue

Currently sold out. Please use the "add to wishlist" button below so we can notify you when we have another available.

Moog Rogue for sale. Meticulously overhauled and working like new again. We paid our tech for nearly 8.5 hours of skilled labor plus parts costs to make this unit better than all others you may find.

This unit has been sold but we have another with original box for sale - please search our side for rogue to find it.

The slide pots were replaced with new ones that work flawlessly and should last way longer than any vintage pots, the foam sheet separating the front panel from the circuit board that normally turns to a nasty tar like substance and melts onto / crumbled into everything was carefully removed and cleaned. All rotary pots and switches were cleaned up and lubed. New dust protectors were custom cut to replace the original foam previously mentioned. All keys were removed and cleaned. Felt under the keys was replaced so keyboard action would be as quiet as possible. Unit was recalibrated. All features were systematically tested by a professional vintage synth dealer with nearly 30 years of experience and are working perfectly. This is not your ordinary Rogue. Our investment of time, love and money is of course reflected in its sale price.


Small and portable, this vintage synth is great for basic leads and bass sounds.

2.5 octave keyboard
pitch bend wheel
modulation wheel
tune knob
glide knob
LFO modulation
oscillator on off
filter on off
auto trigger on off
shape: triangle, square or random/sample and hold
osc1 sync: off, on, contoured
octave 32, 16 or 8'
waveform: saw or square/pulse
oscillator 2 wide tuning
keyboard tracking
resonance (emphasis)
envelope amount
contour generator (envelope)
sustain in out
VCA mode: countour, keyed, bypass
levels for osc 1 and 2 and noise, with built in overdrive
Master volume
Power switch
Audio In and Out
CV and Gate in/outs
includes power supply