Moog Rogue w Original Box

Moog Rogue w Original Box

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Moog Rogue w Original Box For Sale.

We've typically meticulously restored these prior to sale. This takes around 8 hours, which isn't a long time for a vintage synth, but is a very significant investment for an item of such low resale value compared to the items we normally deal in. A decent chunk of that time is due to the foam layer moog put in between the front panel and circuit board. This layer always deteriorates over the years and crumbles and turns into a tar-like substance thats a serious pain to clean up. We then need to make neopren replacements for the original foam dust shields. We also usually remove the keys and clean them, clean the key bed, the key contacts, chemically clean all faders and switches (or often just replace them all with new ones), replace power line capacitors, recalibrate and do whatever else is needed to make our Rogues perfect. 

We paid more than usual for this Rogue because the seller insisted it was in perfect working order. We've bought lots of gear that sellers unintentionally (and sometimes intentionally!) misrepresented. Much to our surprise, this unit did arrive in pretty much perfect working order. Well, with the exception of the oscillator 1 volume fader. It sometimes crackles a little while being moved or the signal drops out if the fader is moved in a certain way, but once released in its final position, it registers just fine. To remedy this, we would need to go in and take the time to remove that annoying foam layer and replace it, at which point we might as well refurbish the whole thing. This isn't something the person who sold it to us reported, and we're sure that the vast majority of Rogues out there that are supposedly working perfectly but havent been fully refurbished have more imperfections than this one, whether or not they’ve been disclosed.

We have limited tech time, and people will only pay so much for a Moog Rogue, so we're selling this Rogue as we got it, for the price shown here. Foam removal and replacement is annoying but isn't rocket science, and repairing or replacing a single slide pot is something anyone with a decent soldering iron who knows how to use it should be able to do. If it doesn’t sell for our asking price, we will likely eventually refurbish it and sell it later for a higher price. Or, if you'd like to buy it and pay us to refurbish it before we ship it to you, please message us and we can discuss it.

Here's a video of this Rogue being systematically tested, so you can see it's working as described: