Moog Taurus I

Moog Taurus I

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Moog Taurus I Bass Pedals for sale. Fully overhauled and working like new again. 

This is a set of Moog Taurus 1 bass pedals with a built in analog synthesizer, made to allow guitarists, keyboardists and others without free hands to play synth bass....with their feet! Quite an excellent idea! Made famous by groups like Rush (Geddy Lee), Yes, Genesis, Jean-Michel Jarre, The Shamen and Motley Crue, this vintage foot controlled synth has a huge bottom end. Great for fat n' juicy synth bass tones which will make that major arena (ok, let's get real - I mean elementary school auditorium) SHAKE. There are 3 preset sounds and a manual mode which lets you use all the synth controls to make your own sounds from scratch (the controls are under the fold up window in the center of the unit above the pedals).  There are also glide, decay and octave switches for easy foot-access to these features.  

Photos are not yet available, so the images here show a previously sold unit.