Oberheim DMX MIDI

Oberheim DMX MIDI

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Oberheim DMX with MIDI For Sale. Not just serviced, not just restored, but fully rebuilt. Classic digital drum machine from the early 80's with MIDI. 

This unit has been sold but we should have another - email us.

Most DMXs have at one point or another had serious battery leakage that can be very time consuming and challenging to repair. Well, we repaired that damage and completely rebuilt this unit to make it better than the rest. This required an investment of 17 hours of skilled labor. This work adds great value to this DMX and this is of course reflected in its price, which should represent top market value for this top quality item sold by professionals with decades of experience refurbishing complicated music machines.
Here's what we did to it:

Repaired battery leakage
Replaced battery
Replaced all 36 molex connector terminals since old connectors always have bad connections which cause problems
Removed and cleaned all pad switches to eliminate retriggering
Replaced all faders with brand new ones to eliminate typical crackle
Recapped power supply and power line to promote longevity
Cleaned inside and out
Touched up cosmetic imperfections

This unit is working perfectly and should hopefully outlast others you may find. You get what you pay for.


Here's a video of another one of our rebuilt DMX's in action: