Oberheim DMX MIDI

Oberheim DMX MIDI

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Oberheim DMX with MIDI For Sale. Not just serviced, but fully professionally refurbished (by us). Classic digital drum machine from the early 80's with MIDI. 

This is the highest quality DMX with MIDI you'll find.

The unit shown in the photos is the one for sale now. We paid our tech for the 17 hours of highly skilled labor + parts required to make this unit better than the rest. No expense spared. No corners cut. The end result is an item that's way better than others of its type you may find and which is justifiably more expensive. Or you could buy a cheaper one and pay us a lot more to restore it for you to get it up to this ones level, if we're available for outside restoration work.

In addition to necessary repairs, here's what was done to this unit in an effort to increase reliability and keep this unit working perfectly way longer than others out there:

Full cleaning inside and out. Power supply electrolytic capacitors replaced, jumper wires, new regulator with heat sync, IC socket (16p x 2), resoldered molex connector pins. Installed new battery and diode. Replaced molex connector terminals (x40). Removed original slide pots and replaced with new ones for perfect, smooth, crackle free performance. Installed 20p IC socket x4. Cleaned and lubed switch contacts. Installed new rubber feet. Replaced a bunch of ICs (oerformance related, won't change this unit's sound). Replaced voice card molex connectors.

This unit is in beautiful shape and is ready to play and record with, no excuses or BS typical of other vintage gear deals and no, we won't sell it for what unrestored junk (or other selllers supposedly serviced gear that was done as quickly and as cheaply as possible) sells for. You get what you pay for.

sn3410x (see pics)

Here's a video of another one of our rebuilt DMX's in action: