Oberheim DX

Oberheim DX

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Oberheim DX For Sale. Meticulously refurbished & future-proofed.

We paid our tech for over 11 hours of skilled labor to lovingly refurbish this unit in an attempt to future-proof it so that it will hopefully outlast all other DXs out there.

This unit was disassembled and cleaned inside and out.The battery was replaced with a new one. All pads were opened and contacts were cleaned. The power supply capacitors were replaced to hopefully extend its life. 7 original faders were replaced with brand new ones for flawless performance. Replaced capacitors in the power supply/power line. Replaced 3 prong power inlet. Resoldered all jacks and molex pins. Replaced all terminals (x31). Replaced one broken push switch LED. Old power supply trimpots replaced. Upgrades OS from 1.1 to 1.5. Systematically tested unit multiple times and burn in test passed. 

This significant investment of time and money and the fact that this unit should work better than most if not all other DXs on the market is of course reflected in its relatively high price.