Oberheim Mini-Sequencer CPS-2

Oberheim Mini-Sequencer CPS-2

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Oberheim Mini-Sequencer CPS-2 for sale.

This unit has been in use at The Synth Sanctuary vintage synth recording studio for the last couple of years. We serviced it a few years ago and it's in full working order but will still be fully checked by our tech and serviced prior to sale if necessary. 

This classy little sequencer has 2 sets of 8 step voltage lines (each of the 8 voltage selectors are dual pots), a voltage controllable clock, a sample and hold with an input and output and a noise source.   The sample and hold has adjustable lag so you can get portamento effects out of it.  You can use its internal clock or sync it up to other gear using the clock input.  Designed to be used with the Oberheim SEM ( Synthesizer Expander Module ) as found in the Two Voice, Four Voice and Eight Voice systems (see our sales page for these), this sequencer can also be used with Moog, ARP, Sequential and other brands.

Estimated preparation time: 0-2 weeks.