Octave Voyetra Eight MIDI Cables

Octave Voyetra Eight MIDI Cables

$ 109.99

Octave Voyetra Eight Custom XLR to MIDI Cables For Sale. 1 pair for MIDI in and out. 

We recently bought two Voyetra Eights which we are in the process of restoring for customers. Contrary to popular belief, there is more than one person who restores these - we have bought, restored and sold quite a few of these in the past. In addition to meticulously servicing our V8s and modifying them so they work better than they did when they left the factory, we typically provide our customers with a pair of new custom MIDI cables as well since the Voyetra 8 MIDI connectors are XLR rather than standard MIDI jacks. We decided to make a spare set to sell. They connect from the V8’s MIDI IN and OUT to any device with standard MIDI connectors. If your V8 doesn’t work with these cables, there’s something wrong with it. If so, we do buy broken (or working) V8s, so feel free to get in touch. Note: the cable shown here may not be the actual one we send you, though it will look nearly identical if it isn't.

USA only, unless bundled with other gear we ship internationally. Shipping cost is included in price.