Oxford OSCar

Oxford OSCar

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Oxford Synthesizer Company OSC OSCar For Sale - Meticulously Refurbished

We meticulously restored and improved this unit to make it better than others you may find on the market. This required approximately 25 hours of skilled labor, which is of course reflected in its higher than usual price. You get what you pay for. This unit was 240v when we got it. We switched it to 120v (US voltage) and replaced the power cord. All pots were cleaned and lubed, and a few had their carbon elements replaced since we couldn't find entire drop-in replacements for the original pots (if anyone has a source for them, please let us know). We replaced all CD4051 CMOS chips as a preventative measure. Cleaned unit inside and out. 4 sockets were replaced. Replaced battery. After replacing the battery, the internal patch memory is empty and ready for you to program new sounds into it (or reload originals, if you prefer). OSCars have a bad rep for being unstable. Most importantly, our tech performed his special custom modifications to this unit that should make it much more reliable than other Oscars you may find elsewhere. 


Here's a little post we made about another Oscar we recently bought: 

We got this unit from a friend who bought it from another dealer for top dollar. It was problematic when he got it, although it was advertised as fully functional. So he brought it to a tech who charged him $600 for repairs but who didn't actually fix it. The tech wrote off its glitchy behavior as typical Oscar behavior. It's only typical Oscar behavior when you don't know how to fix oscars. Our tech fixed it in 7 hours and now it works like new, no BS or excuses. We aren't going to name the tech or the dealer, but it's really frustrating when people try to get us to match prices for inferior products and services. The fact is we bust our butts here to deliver the best products and services we possibly can and take great pride in our hard work, and that should be significantly more valuable than what most other people are getting paid for half assed jobs done wrong. And here's a video of that Oscar after we fixed it and it was actually usable: