Paia Modular Wing Cabinet 1

Paia Modular Wing Cabinet 1

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Paia Modular 2700 4700 series wing cabinets for sale.

UPDATE: While the photos show 2 watt blocks, a sequencer, and a balanced modulator, a customer bought the sequencer and balanced modular, so this listing is for just the cabinet and two watt blocks.

Our tech's fees are too high to justify restoring this relatively low ticket item. Since Paia gear usually appeals to those skilled at DIY electronic repair, we are selling this and some other Paia items strictly as is. Assume they'll need some work before they're fully functional and working good again. Fortunately, Paia circuits are quite simple, so this shouldn't be hard for those who are good at fixing electronics.

If you'd like to reserve this item, please leave a deposit and we will retrieve it from storage and take photos of it for you so you can see it before paying for it.

Estimated preparation time: 0-1 weeks