Paia Programmable Drum Set 1

Paia Programmable Drum Set 1

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Paia Programmable Drum Set 1 For Sale

This is 1 of 2 similar units we're selling right now. This unit is untested and is being sold as-is, with no guarantees or warranties. It's likely to need at least some work. Since Paia fans are usually DIY electronics hobbyists, we suspect most people wanting this drum machine will have the skills to repair it. We normally refurbish our gear here before selling it but Paia and low value items are generally exceptions since the value of the time required to refurbish often exceeds the value of the item itself. Paia's got a forum where all schematics and other documentation should be available for free download.

According to Google, this model was used by Peter Gabriel on Games Without Frontiers.