Peavey PC1600x

Peavey PC1600x

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Peavey PC1600x For Sale. MIDI Command Station Fader Controller. Excellent control of your MIDI gear - sends sysex, CC messages and more - 16 faders, 16 buttons, datawheel, etc. 

This PC-1600 X is a very valuable tool in the MIDI studio. With it you can send all kinds of data to your M.I.D.I. devices - keyboards, modules, mixers, computer sequencer, softsynths, etc. This module can also be used to edit patches on many synthesizers. This allows you to instantly access all those parameters hidden under lots of menus and buttons with faders instead. There's a good number of synth editor patches to choose from online - Roland MKS-7, MKS-50, MKS-80 Super Jupiter (this may be a better choice for you than an MPG-80, PG-800, PG-1000 or other programmer module), D-50, TG-77, Kawai K5000  and many, many more. Or you can always create your own.  

Images show an earlier PC1600.