PPG Wave 2.2 w/ MIDI

PPG Wave 2.2 w/ MIDI

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PPG Wave 2.2 for sale. Will be meticulously overhauled and in perfect working order when sold, unlike most. This is a time consuming and costly process that is justifiably reflected in its price. 

Here's a video of Jay Wires, resident programmer at The Synth Sanctuary demonstrating a few special patches he made on another Wave 2.2 we sold. The Wave's oscillators consist of digital wavetables - groups of waveforms that can be selected one at a time, stepped through manually by tweaking a knob or stepped through automatically by an envelope generator, key position, aftertouch, etc. Using wavestables, the user can create very interesting, evolving sounds like no other. The filters in the PPG are analog, adding a nice warmth to its cold digital oscillators. The perfect combination. Somebody please buy this now before we reconsider.