Rhodes Chroma 5 Parts Repair Donors

Rhodes Chroma 5 Parts Repair Donors

Please contact us to discuss pricing.

Rhodes Chroma 5 Parts Repair Donors For Sale.

Here's a lot of 5 Rhodes Chroma Keyboards someone (not us!) sadly gutted many years ago. These units are in storage far away. They're obviously missing circuitry and are for parts only. No parts of these units have been tested, so they're being sold completely as-is, with no guarantees whatsoever. Since it's impractical to go back and forth to storage multiple times, we'd like to sell all 5 in one shot, whether it's as a single lot to one person who can pick them up in the NYC area (preferred) or will involve selling, packing and shipping them individually, we'd like to do it all at the same time. 

We have 2 Chroma untested original power supplies we pulled out of 2 other units we upgraded that are available as well.

Please contact us if interested, or spread the word if you know anyone else who may be interested. Thank you!